Entry #65

A New Beginning

2013-02-08 11:33:33 by VNStudios

Hello Everyone,

The VNSTUDIOS team has been inactive lately, since we are all in college now and busy with school the movement on any projects has come to a halt. We are currently trying to find a new direction for our company in the face of a changing Internet landscape. Hopefully we can figure out something and then move ahead with a few small projects and get this machine revived.


A New Beginning


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2013-02-08 14:23:36

Best of luck, looking forward to your next projects.


2014-02-24 18:54:07

Do your thang mang, life is always full of obstacles sometimes you have to cross them to get back to what you love, best of luck and i hope you make it back here to make some more amazing art again someday