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Amazing Visuals

I just love the visual effects in this, especially that rotating thing. Just curious, was this all animated, or did you incorporate some actionscript and videoediting?

Amazing Directing

The whole series had incredible directing. All shots were amazing and the music just kept the entire series interesting. Top notch voice acting as well. One of the best stick figure animations on Newgrounds.

This is top-notch

This definaely deserves to be on the top of newgrounds. Animation and graphics were superb. The story was very original and Hania did a great job composing for the song. Everything, including the rhyme went well with the song. You must of planned out the animation from the very beginning. I'm very impressed.

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Fun Game

The game was fun and mind boggling (which I like), but there seems to be a major bug that many reviewers before me pointed out. By Level 8, if you hold down the shift, eventually you just keep passing all the levels until you get the final medal. Then the game just loops from the menu all the way to the last level again.

Very Fun!

This game was very fun to play. You generally don't see many racing games on flash. The graphics needed a bit more work, but I would imagine it being difficult to have good graphics since there's alot of complex actionscript going on to make it look like a 3d flash game. Anyway, I like this game.

Really fun

I remember playing this game on FGL. It's really fun and addicting. The graphics are nice and the different types of attacks makes the game even more fun. I like the sound effects, gave it a nice touch. Good job on the game!

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Absolutely Superb

This song is definitely one of the finer songs I have seen here on Newgrounds. From the soothing guitar lines, ambient piano, and the wonderful solo, the perfect blend between them give the listener something more than just audio perfection. Honestly the song doesn't even feel like its 7 minutes long, you do a really great job of keeping the listener entertained throughout the song but while maintaining a sense of calm and peace. The drums sound very well mixed and the mastering couldn't have been better, so many great songs suffer from a horrible mix, but in your case that is not an issue.

10/10, and 5/5 Keep up the good work, would definitely like to hear more songs like this.


Interesting Loop and Melody

The loop has a catchy melody and good rhythm but without any major expansions comes off as a bit too repetitive. It's great as a demo but I'm sure you can take this melody really far and into an awesome song! But a great starting point nonetheless.


Great for a start

Great for a beginning of a track but hopefully once you find a vocalist it can bring out something more in this song. Overall it's got a good verse/chorus/verse structure but I would try to add a little more in terms of instruments break out of the repetition a littlbe bit. Keep up the good work!


ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks for the review, and yes, when i add the vocals in ill play off of them to add more to the overall track.

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This is an amazing piece. Like other people mentioned, I thought it was a photo. How long did it take you to render this and what program did you use?

JACK-IN-THE-DARK responds:

I think the final render took around 3H.
I used autodesk maya to model it.


The colors you used were just stunning. I can't even imagine the amount of work in this.

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :D I think it was about 6-9 hours back then :)

Great Drawing!

But it looks like a Dodge Challenger to me, not a Mustang? But either way I really like how the drawing looks so realistic. Shading really helped this one out. Keep drawing these and you'll do great!


sandman4b7 responds:

Yeh I kinda realized that lol but yeh thnx for the review I got a few Halo ones coming soon. ^.^

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